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Dove Releases are offered in areas surrounding Nashville.  Our birds are trained to fly home from these areas all the way to the Bellevue area of Nashville.

Funeral & Memorial
Our doves are trained to fly home after your funeral or memorial service .

We at White Doves of Nashville understand families going through the grieving process.  Our standard service is very, very nice and is made up of one dove for the family to release as a symbol of their loved one flying up and into heaven. We speak very briefly about the symbolism of the doves. This is meant for the family to hopefully find some healing. Immediately it is followed by 3 doves symbolizing God's angels.  The typical cost for this is:

Within the Nashville area............$210


Cloud of Angels

For just a little more cost, we can provide a beautiful angelic dozen of white doves displayed in a white basket at the gravesite.  As the family releases the spirit dove, the others leave in a symbolic cloud of white angel wings.

The cost is an extra $140.
added to the above package.

Total Cost: $350. 


Winged Spectacular

20 White Doves are divided into two separate baskets for greater effect. The spirit dove has it's own place of honor in a third container.  At the end of the service, after a few words about the symbolism of the white dove and it's meaning, the  family releases their loved one's dove and  then all 20 white doves are released in a huge flurry of white wings one can never forget.

Total Cost:   $500  

You get 5 times the amount of birds for 1/2 of the cost. 


Please be aware that our doves cannot fly in a rainstorm.  We try to work around our Tennessee weather hand-in-hand with the Funeral Directors.  Sometimes we may have to release the doves at the beginning of the service instead of towards the end like we normally do. Sometimes the weather is so bad or unpredictable that we will have to cancel.  You will not be charged, of course, if this happens.  We know that you understand that the health and safety of our beloved doves is of the utmost importance to us.