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Funeral Doves
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Our Doves can bring comfort and hope during a sorrowful time.  

The white dove has been a symbol of our eternal soul since the beginning of time.  As your family gathers together and holds a snow white dove at the end of your loved one's service, we explain the symbolism in a simple, but touching, ceremony.  When the dove is released, we  release 3 more white doves, symbolizing God's angels guiding your loved one up and into the heavens.

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All of our doves are trained to return home after the release.  It takes nearly two years of intense work and training, but after that our birds commonly beat us home!  Our birds love to fly, and it shows.
Our birds on their way home after a service.
We offer a large flock of snow white doves, if you prefer, for an extra charge.
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The family gathers around the Spirit Dove, and together as a family releases it into the heavens.